Sheini Iron Ore: MPs task Mineral Commission to Investigate Mining Coys

Dr.Toni Aubynn, chief Executive officer, Mineral Commission
Dr.Toni Aubynn, chief Executive officer, Mineral Commission

The Parliamentary Select Committee on Energy and Mines have put pressure of the Mineral Commission of Ghana to investigate the activities of Cardero Ghana and Emmaland Resources limited.

The two mining companies formed a joint partnership for the purposes of securing licenses to develop Sheini Iron Ore located in Sheini in the Tatale/Sangule District of the Northern Region.

The MPs mounted pressure on the Commission after a network of civil society organizations made of Media Advocates for Sustainable Environment (MASE), Northern Ghana Network for Development (NGND) and Rural Media Media Network (RUMNET) report indicted the companies for a number of unacceptable practices in Sheini contained a briefing paper submitted to parliament, Mineral Commission, NGOs in Environment among other important stakeholders.

The project which was led by MASE(a group of environmental journalists) was financially supported by KASA Secretariat. Read the full report here.

The Coordinator of MASE Mr Francis Npong said he was happy the MPs have taken keen interest in Shieni Iron Ore project and called for full scale investigation into the activities of the two companies.

“Obuasi Gold is finished leaving a scare of worrying environmental issues for the poor people. This gold has been mined for 117 years but Ghana has nothing to show for it as compared to what Johannesburg in South Africa experienced.This is what we seek to prevent from happening again”, he said.


He commended the MPs for asking the Commission to investigate the report but however said an independent body should have been constituted to investigate the report.

“Mineral Commission involvement in the investigation is the best because they will definitely rubbish our report because they are involved. What we found in Sheini was a result of the Commission’s negligence to duty”, he said.

He said MASE and its partners would continue to monitor mining activities in Northern Ghana nd report to the public appropriately.

There has been allegations of these companies not following best practicing in theManagement of Cardero Resources Corporation Canada has maintained that it followed “Best Business Practices” regarding acquisition of the Sheini Hills Iron OreProject in Ghana.

In a press release signed by the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president, Michael Hunter stated that Cardero acted legally and with integrity at all times.

The press statement dated June 25, 2012, and released far away in Canada was in response to the Friday 22nd June 2012 edition of the Enquirer’sfront page story which was published under the heading; Exploiting Sheini IronOre Deposits-MINING COYS IN TROUBLE, as Canadian police launch probe over alleged bribery practices” said that the company has robust corporate governance and business integrity policies in place to ensure that it conducts its activities with best practices and within the confines of the law.


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